All First Nations Core Values

AFN vision

All First Nations (AFN) is an Indigenous supplier focused, Indigenous-owned website.

AFN has been designed to benefit the Indigenous community through creating economic gain and allow suppliers to be found in one central location when connecting with buyers.

This platform will simplify the current Indigenous supply chain through connecting listed Indigenous individuals and communities to provide supplier growth to those involved, whilst strengthening identity and independence to our Indigenous communities and the individual suppliers listed.

AFN will allow a continuous evolution of support to Indigenous suppliers by building on their current resources and expanding opportunities for those involved through education and customer reach.

AFN provides a way for all Indigenous suppliers, that includes the small, micro, medium and large Indigenous suppliers, to be located on this online resource.

AFN allows a development within a growth mindset for the community and it places all of those involved into a position of healing from the past and highlighting an example of Reconciliation by supporting suppliers with a potential to increase their supplier results.

The vision for the establishment of AFN will bind Indigenous communities together with an economic, social and sustainable mission.

“Knowing my heritage, my mob and how I felt when I finally understood my bloodline, I believe in this project and will be a humble Kamilaroi woman that stands proud in the success of” - Julie Okely.

AFN mission

AFN provides a digital platform for Indigenous suppliers to market their offering to the online community. AFN will be used by individual consumers, businesses and government departments to source Indigenous sellers to provide services and products.

AFN will target all Australian and International customers to source an indigenous supplier in a simple and targeted approach through the geographical locator and the innovative search software.

Using the AFN platform will provide a more accurate way for buyers to find indigenous suppliers through a specific and targeted approach.

The inclusion of the map of indigenous Australians shows specific mob regions and their locations within Australia.

Any consumer or business that is seeking to engage with an indigenous business will have access AFN. This could be individual buyers, businesses or procurement for Government.

  1. Support – For our AFN Community.
  2. Structure – Within the AFN platform
  3. Culture – Introduce and Educate
  4. Connection – Our First Nations networks
  5. Promote – AFN Awards
  6. Collaborate – With every AFN vendor
  7. Diversity – for all AFN Vendors
  8. Outcome – Positive Results

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