Engaging with AFN in Business

The benefits of working alongside us are:

  1. Low commission rates for all Indigenous suppliers, in comparison to mainstream sites such as Amazon and eBay.
  2. The ability to export products and services to a larger audience from Indigenous suppliers direct from their communities, reaching across all of Australia.
  3. The opportunity for the buyers to import products and services from Indigenous suppliers, for example the Torres Islands.
  4. The opportunity to create several revenue streams through the AFN platform through other retail opportunities, such as the product vending machines, events and the elevated status of being recognized with an All First Nations award.
  5. B2B, B2C, and C2C models made available to all indigenous suppliers help to increase internal revenues.
  6. Experienced customer support available to all stakeholders through email and message widget.
  7. Access to a large database of Indigenous suppliers through the geographical locator.
  8. Reliable and secure payment system.
  9. AFN provides a collective marketplace and centralizes all Indigenous supplier stakeholders.

Estimated commissions from Indigenous suppliers:

AFN will deduct a commission (estimates) on every transaction completed on the AFN platform including:

Businesses: Flat monthly fee $25.00

Services: Flat monthly fee $15.00

Products: Commission 9% of transaction

Design and NFT: Commission 9% of transaction

Education: Commision of 9% of transaction

Events: Flat event fee of $25.00

Additional menu headings will be added throughout AFN development.

Estimated subscription plan to buyers:

Consumers will be able to choose the option to join the AFN subscription plan where they will be given first opportunity to new information on the listed Indigenous suppliers. This will be outside the nominal mailing list offer.

AFN will target specific buyer interests and match them with preferred Indigenous suppliers of interest to them. This information is sourced through the searches and supplier items they have chosen to be alerted about.

Using keywords through the AFN software, it will be possible for buyers to be linked to their specific search items and requests through their past search history, and selected interest items they choose whilst joining the AFN data base. Through this we can facilitate positive engagement for all stakeholders, in an effective and targeted approach.

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