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Recently, multi-award winning Indigenous “Serial” Businesswoman, Julie Okely set up AFN Awards and took the risk of entering All First Nations into 3 separate National Award categories and has been named as a 3 x Finalist –

  • Digital Innovation
  • One To Watch (New Idea)
  • and Indigenous Business Excellence

The Awards recognize women in business, achieving great success in areas such as product development, customer service and digital innovation.

“I am a proud Aboriginal woman of Kamilaroi descent – I am a serial Indigipreneur. I have inspired and mentored many Indigenous and non-Indigenous women, during my time as a business owner.

Culture and heritage are very important to me, and I’m constantly working to elevate my First Nations community and encourage growth and expansion within the Australian economy. I am an educator and I have trained over 150 employees during my career.” Says Julie when set up the AFN Awards,

“I recently crossed over to work in the Consultancy sector where my business and life experience has been in demand through high level Indigenous organisations, such as IBA and Supply Nation. I am the first Canberra-based, Supply Nation Indigenous Business women of the Year Award recipient, and I have many other accolades awarded to me, both Internationally and Nationally.”

Now it is time to celebrate our First Nations community with the All First Nations Awards 2024 – and we need your help to make them happen.

To check for more information: All First Nations Awards 2024 –

Key points of the AFN Awards:

  • Dedicated Advertorial to Nationwide Representation: Exclusive sponsors will have the opportunity to show their brand, products, or services through a dedicated advertorial in the AFN magazine, online platform, and AFN Awards Marketing. And this ensure maximum visibility and engagement with diverse audience in both indigenous and non-indigenous sectors.
  • Our Voices: Esteemed Indigenous leaders, educators, and successful businesspersons will be featured in interviews. Sharing their insights, stories, and expertise during the event.
  • Reconciliation and “Closing the Gap”: The “AFN Awards 2024” emphasizes healing, fostering connections, and building relationships. This unquestionably provides sponsors with opportunities for meaningful conversations and potential coperations with First Nations peoples.
  • Awards Across Multiple Categories: The Awards night will recognize Indigenous suppliers across 50 separated categories. Therefore aligning sponsors with excellence, innovation, and resilience within the Indigenous community.
  • Respect and Remember: The AFN Awards pay homage to the Deadly’s. Celebrating the amazing achievements of Indigenous peoples and recognizing the diverse range of Indigenous talent in the community.
  • Cultural Awareness: Sponsors will experience the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous culture with mesmerizing traditional performances and art displays. Celebrating both the rich heritage and traditions of Indigenous communities.

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